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As you all know that just as there cannot be a marriage without a boy and a girl, similarly no song can be written without a writer because the song is written first.  Later it is sung.  Then it comes in front of us by becoming his video, which we are very happy to see.

Friends, let me tell you that when you listen to any song, you are very happy or city or motivated to see it, then all the credit for that song goes to the song writer.  Because until he writes a song.  If you will understand your feelings otherwise it is very difficult to make that video and it is very difficult to sing it.

Friends, without wasting much time, we go ahead and know about those people in our article who are more in Punjabi industry.  It takes more money to write a song, so you must read this post with us till the last.

Friends, in the life of a playlist, it is very sad that the songs on which we dance very happily or express our sorrow.  Although we know those singers but do not know the right one who writes that song, then I want to tell you about those writers that how they keep their life even after so many difficulties with such songs.  Writes because he puts the moments in his life on one page and that becomes the song.

In this article, we will not only talk about how many songs are in a playlist and how many songs he has written, but we will also talk about how much money he charges for a song. I want to tell you one thing clearly that any writer about whom we will tell you that it charges so much money for a song, it is almost his. They charge the same amount, but now the rate for each person keeps on increasing less and more, then you can understand this thing.

Bittu Cheema Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

1.Bittu Cheema
So the one who is right before our first list is Bittu Cheema who started his career with a song "Salera Rang" from Amarinder Gill's Judaa2 To album.But the biggest success he got earlier was from "Mankirt Aulakh" song "Gallan Mithiyan", which was very much liked by the people.And with this he has written many songs, the whole example! Rohb Rakhdi-Nimrat Khaira's, 36 Kammiyan-Surjit Bhullar, Yaari Tod Deni-Surjit Bhullar, SoorjanWale, Pakke Amreeka Wale- Prabh Gill
he charges around ₹1 Lakh for each of his songs.

Vicky Daliwal Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

2.Vicky Dhaliwal
The song was written for the "Diamond" that made "Gurnam Bullar" a star overnight.  By Vicky Taliwal and that song is very much liked by the people and till now its 500 Million view on YouTube.
He has written many songs in his career and he has also written songs for many films and as an example

Rakhli Pyar Nal Gurnaam Bhullar, Jhanjran, Jeeju Miss Pooja. Fillms - Surkhi Bindi, Guddiyan Patole.

He would charge up to ₹1.5 Lakh for each song he wrote.

Lovely Noor Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

3.Lovely Noor
Lovely hai kaise writer who neither make songs on real nor make songs on alcohol, but if seen, he has earned a very good name in a very short time that no aaye "Kinne Aaye Kinne Gye" is like this.  He has composed religious songs which people liked very much and along with this, "Ranjit Bawa" has also sung them in a very good voice.
he has also written many songs like for Example! 
Fateh aa-Ranjit Bawa, Punjab Bolda-Ranjit Bawa,

Lovely Noor charges around ₹2 Lakh for every song she writes.

Gill Raunta Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

4. Gill Raunta
"Jari Jang Rakhio - Manmohan Waris, Kamal Heer & Sangtar" He wrote such a song which became the headline of the newspapers and people liked it very much. He wrote songs for punjabi culture and sent very good songs that people liked very much and many of his songs have come in movies too. Singers like "Harbhajan Mann" and "Arif Lohar" have sung his songs.

For example! Sikandar Amar Sehmbi, Marzi De Faisle- Himmat Sandhu Dakuaan Da Munda
if we talk about the charge of each song written by him, then he charges about ₹2 
Lakh for a song.

Jassi Loka Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

5. Jassi Loka
"Gore Rang Wali Yaar Tu Toh Chhath Song Chhath Deta Nasha Gore Arsh Beniwal" 8 Parche,  Hostal-Sharry Maan The songs of Jassi Loka, who brought Bade Singh Rog in the industry like "Bani Sandhu" and "Rohanpreet", are loved by the people.

For Example! Asla-Gurnam Sandhu, Affair-Banni Sandhu Dilpreet Dhillon, Vigre Sharabi-Jassi Gill, Bhabi-Kamal Khaira

if we talk about the charge of one of his songs, then he takes around ₹2.5 Lakh for a song.

Raaj Ranjodh Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

6. Raaj Ranjodh
Recently he has become very famous with one of his written songs because he wrote that song within 24 hours and people liked that song because it was written about a big actress and that singer is also very good And her name is "Rihanna". Raj Ranjodh has written very good songs and along with this he is also very good singer and if we talk for example for his written songs. Swaah Bann Ke-Diljit Dosanjh, Peed-Diljit, Aah Ki Hoya,
But he would charge around ₹3 
Lakh for each of his songs.

Bunty Bains Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

7.Bunty Bains
If we talk about Bunty Sit, then he used to do a job of only ₹2200.  That too the security guard.  But if we talk with this today, then he is also the owner of the "Brand B" on his YouTube channel and apart from this.And friends, you will be very happy to know that Bunty Bains has hit very big singers like "Guru Randhawa, Jordan Sandhu Kaur B, Desi Crew" with music he sent hit songs that people liked a lot.  Apart from this, he also made a very small lion disease a big star all these singers have come in the industry because of them and they have earned a lot of name today by singing songs written by them 
Bewafa Coka-Bunty Bains, Mohali Waliye-Jordan Sandhu, Jattiye Ni-Jordan Sandhu, Impress-Ranjit Bawa, Yaari Jatti Di-Jenny Johal

I would like to tell friends, they charge 4 lakh creams for each of their songs.

Veet Baljit Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

8.Veet Baljit
Friends, if we talk about Diljit and Gippy Grewal, then you all know and they have earned a very good name. Apart from this in Punjabi industry, even Bollywood, but I want to tell you that behind all this, most of his hit songs were written by Veet Baljeet, due to which these people liked him very much and also for many films. Veet Baljeet has written the songs which people have liked very much. He charges his almost exorbitant price for each of his songs and it is he who has run the train of this thing in the Punjabi industry.  Before that someone asked.  Didn't take the price.  You wrote the songs and tell me.  I tell you he has written more than 17 thousand songs for both Punjabi and Hindi industry
if I will talk about the songs of Veet Baljeet.
For example Kharku-Diljit Dosanjh, Maa-Jayy Randhawa Shooter, 91 Ya 92-Gippy Grewal
He would charge around ₹4 
Lakh for the songs he wrote.

Shree Brar Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

9. Shree Brar
"Shree Brar" whose full name is "Pradeep Brar", but he has written very good songs in his short career. And in a very short time, he also faced many troubles and due to some of his songs, he also had to go to jail and apart from this people love him very much and his songs are also liked very much and he has written very good songs which you must have heard
for example Bhabi-Mankirt Aulakh, 8 Raflaan-Mankirt Aulakh, Police-DJ Flow Afsana Khan, Kisaan Anthem, Balam Ka System-Fazilpuria
He charges around ₹4.5 
Lakh for every song he writes.

Babbu Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

Babu, who started his career by writing the songs of Sakhiya Maninder Bhuttar, has written very good songs and now he writes most of the songs for Neha Kakkar, but his songs are very much liked by the people.
For example Sorry-Neha Kakkar, Gal Karke-Inder Chahal, Pagal-Diljit, Love Me Someday-Maninder Buttar
He charges around ₹5 
Lakh for one of his songs.

Rav Hanjra Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

11. Rav Hanjra
Rav Hanjra and his full name is Ravneet and that from rambe, a small village in Karnal.
he started his career with one of "A Kay" songs Jordan, And along with this, he wrote an entire album of Diljit and he also wrote songs for many Diljit's films, which people liked very much and want to tell.  You have written most of the songs he has written in his career, but he neither shows alcohol (Saraab) in any of his songs nor does he write any song on gunpowder(Asla). he records most of his songs with Snappy Music.
Talk about his songs for example. Yaar Chadeya-Sharry Mann, Salute-Nirvair Pannu, Fael-GippyG Grewal, Defend-Jordan Sandhu, High End-Diljit 
He charges five to ₹6 
Lakh for each of his songs.

Nirmaan Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

12. Nirmaan
Niramaan used to work as an engineer earlier but these were J&K jobs.  He followed his patient and wrote some songs using his writing skills. Thought to give it to Singer and today he has become a huge hit.  He has written most of the songs for Akhil and sung it alone. He is a resident of Patiala.A song of Arun has also appeared in Bollywood's "Luka Chuppi" movie.
Along with this, he has written many songs which people liked very much for example. Zindagi Di Paudi-Millind Gaba, Hawa Banke-Darshan Raval, Nai Jaana-Tulsi Kumar, Bachalo-Akhil, Dil Tutda-Jassi Gill, Roi Na-Ninja, Photo-Karan Sehmbi 
He charges ₹6 
Lakh for every song he writes.

Happy Raikoti Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

13. Happy Raikoti
Happy Raikoti is such an assistant who writes all kinds of songs and so far he has given more than one hit song in the Punjabi industry and the list of his songs is very long and in his career of 10 years he has made a mark.  More than one song has given for example! Khabbi Seat-Ammy Virk, Oye Hoye Hoye-Jassi Gill, Jaan Toh Pyara-Ardaas Movie, Be Ready-Ninja, Gym-Sippy Gill, Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua
and that's why he charges a huge amount for each of his songs ₹7 
Lakh he charges for a song.

HarmanJit Singh Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

14. Harmanjit Singh

Harman started his career by writing and he has also written a very good book Rani Tatt!
And for writing this book, he was awarded the Yuva Award for Literature. Neeru Bajwa and Amy Virk have done very well in this song.Although there is a teacher out there, but he has written a lot of songs and has also seen songs for many movies which have been super duper hits.
If we talk about his songs for example!
He charges ₹7 
Lakh for every song he writes.

Jaani Lyricst Punjabi MyTrendingStar.com

15. Jaani
Hardy Sandhu's song Soch from which Jaani started his career is to be talked about.  If his career, then the position he has achieved, no one in the Punjabi industry has achieved so far. As you all know that all the songs that have been written till now by knowing, they become very famous.  That too he gets a lot of love on World Wide and YouTube and with this, all the songs he has written so far are mostly about to have you got.
People have liked the Hare Song written by him very much.  Be it a side, a do it or a romantic song to a love song.  He writes all kinds of songs and if we talk about it.  For example of his songs. Baarish Ki Jaaye-B Praak, Nikkle Current-Neha Kakkar, Titliaan-Kya Baat Hai-Naah-Harry Sandhu, Pachtaoge-Arijit Singh, Coka-Sukhe

And the discussion of his success is not only in the Punjabi industry but in the entire India music industry.  That's why he is the highest pad lyricist.
He charges around ₹50 
Lakh for one of his songs.

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Q.1 Highest Paid Lyricist In Punjab?

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Q.2 Lyricist Salary Per Song?

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