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"Rupinder Handa" is Famous Punjabi Singer. Rupinder Handa is Punjabi singer and she is also a good Actress. Rupinder Handa has become very famous in 1 month from his one song and if you talk about that song then the name of that song is "Mere Haniya". 

Rupinder Handa has done this song in a very good way which is very much liked sharing by the people And after becoming famous, the song "Mere Haniya" went viral everywhere social media platforms. Everyone started liking it. And after this, Rupinder has performed two more songs which are also very good name "Pind De Gehre", Queen of Sardar". If we talk about Rupinder Career, he started his career 11 year age. The song with the name of that song, "Pecha Delhi Naal" Rupinder Handa and After "Ride"

Rupinder Handa Social Media Account

Some Fact About Rupinder Handa

A song by Rupinder Handa was leaked before the Release Controversy...

Rupinder Handa is very much like singing and writing.

Rupinder Handa Favret Actor "Aamir Khan"

Rupinder Handa Favret Actress "N/A"

Rupinder Handa Biography

Rupinder Handa born 30 September 1985 in Sirsa, Haryana. Rupinder Handa is very good singer one song is very much views "Mere Haniya" 75K views 

Rupinder Handa Favorite Things & Persons

Rupinder Handa favorite singer is Aamir Khan. v Favorite Place is N/A. Rupinder Handa Favorite Sport Cricket. Rupinder Handa is very good writer, Singer, Dancing, as hobbies.

Rupinder Handa Father/Mother Name 

Rupinder Handa is very good singer and Rupinder Handa father name is Kartar Singh Handa.Rupinder Handa Mother name Charanjeet Kaur

Rupinder Handa Brother/Sister  Name 

Rupinder Handa Brother name is Aman Handa

Rupinder Handa Husband/Boyfriend Name

Rupinder Handa Husband/Boyfriend name is N/A.

Rupinder Handa First Song Name

Rupinder Handa Start His Career in 2011 In Haryana and Rupinder Handa First Song is Mere Haniya 2011.

Rpinder Handa Birthday Date 

Rupinder Handa born 30 September 1985 in Sirsa in Haryana. Rupinder Handa age is 36 year old. Rupinder Handa real birthday date 30 September 1985.

Rupinder Handa  Lyrics Song

Jul 06, 2015 Pind De Gehre T-Series

Jan 20, 2016 Tor Da Craze PTC Punjabi

Nov 03, 2016 Takhtposh T-Series

May 28, 2018 Parwah Ni Karidi Saga Music

Oct 25, 2018 Queen of Sardar Saga Music

Jan 07, 2019 Careless Chann Saga Music

Apr 08, 2019 Bach ke Reh Saaz Records

Dec 06, 2020 Pecha Delhi Naal Ghaint Records

Jan 23, 2021 26 nu dilli Ghaint Records

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